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We maintain high ethical standards and integrity in our dealings with customers and each other

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Customer commitment. We develop friendly relationship with our customers that make us to server better.

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We provide outstanding products and service to our customers that deliver premium value to our customers

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Welcome to Reddy Drugs

     Reddy Drugs Laboratories is one of the leading manufacturer in animal health care products specially caters high qualities safe effective medicines and feed supplements to veterinary, poultry and aqua culture. We offer a wide range of animal health care products to enhance livability and profitability. The therapeutics with broad spectrum of activity against various diseases like viral, bacterial, fungal and protozoan.

     we recognized that innovation and creativity is key to success so, have been continually investing in R&D over the last decade . Reddy Drugs Laboratories established well research and development wing which has sophisticated facilities for analytical, biological and microbiology tests and research. our research an innovation begins with a new idea which involves in developing a new product .We concentrated on clinical research has been integral part of our research and development. Our continual clinical research and development produces new innovative quality products. We committed to discover and development of innovative and novel formulations and drugs for improve animal health care.


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